Scenes, Pt. 3: POV, or POV, Pt. 4: Scene Level

Here on my writing journey and most recent trip down the research rabbit hole, two subjects have collided: Scenes and Point of View (POV)—proving just how difficult it can be to break the writing process up into discrete parts.  First, let me relieve some of you—if you’ve chosen to tell your story through a singleContinue reading “Scenes, Pt. 3: POV, or POV, Pt. 4: Scene Level”

Writing: Scenes

I think I’m about ready to start writing the scenes in my novel. So before I actually tackle that momentous task, I thought I should take a trip down the rabbit hole to find out how scenes should be structured and what information I should figure out before I start writing. As usual, there areContinue reading “Writing: Scenes”

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