Scenes, Pt. 3: POV, or POV, Pt. 4: Scene Level

Here on my writing journey and most recent trip down the research rabbit hole, two subjects have collided: Scenes and Point of View (POV)—proving just how difficult it can be to break the writing process up into discrete parts.  First, let me relieve some of you—if you’ve chosen to tell your story through a singleContinue reading “Scenes, Pt. 3: POV, or POV, Pt. 4: Scene Level”

POV, Pt. 3—How to Choose, Pt. 2

I thought I had it all figured out after my last post about choosing the right POV for my story. And then I listened to a Story Grid Editors Roundtable podcast that gave me even more to think about. It was both helpful and not. The podcast, “Bite Size Edition – Choosing Your POV,” byContinue reading “POV, Pt. 3—How to Choose, Pt. 2”

POV, Pt 2: How to Choose

So now that I’ve got a better understanding of what POV is and the different options, it’s time to decide whose POV to share. I don’t know this for sure, but I imagine that most authors already have some idea of who their main character is going to be. I guess it probably depends onContinue reading “POV, Pt 2: How to Choose”

Point of View, or Who’s Telling the Story?

The Point of View (POV) rabbit hole has a surprising number of offshoots: what POV is, pros and cons of each POV type, how to choose a POV character, and how to choose what kind of POV to use, and POV and verb tense. I had no idea this subject was going to be soContinue reading “Point of View, or Who’s Telling the Story?”

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