POV, Pt. 3—How to Choose, Pt. 2

I thought I had it all figured out after my last post about choosing the right POV for my story. And then I listened to a Story Grid Editors Roundtable podcast that gave me even more to think about. It was both helpful and not. The podcast, “Bite Size Edition – Choosing Your POV,” byContinue reading “POV, Pt. 3—How to Choose, Pt. 2”

POV, Pt 2: How to Choose

So now that I’ve got a better understanding of what POV is and the different options, it’s time to decide whose POV to share. I don’t know this for sure, but I imagine that most authors already have some idea of who their main character is going to be. I guess it probably depends onContinue reading “POV, Pt 2: How to Choose”

Point of View, or Who’s Telling the Story?

The Point of View (POV) rabbit hole has a surprising number of offshoots: what POV is, pros and cons of each POV type, how to choose a POV character, and how to choose what kind of POV to use, and POV and verb tense. I had no idea this subject was going to be soContinue reading “Point of View, or Who’s Telling the Story?”

Writing: Scenes

I think I’m about ready to start writing the scenes in my novel. So before I actually tackle that momentous task, I thought I should take a trip down the rabbit hole to find out how scenes should be structured and what information I should figure out before I start writing. As usual, there areContinue reading “Writing: Scenes”

Writing: Subplots, Pt. 2—How to Integrate Them

So once I’ve decided on a subplot or two, how do I actually weave them into the story? This was the new question I was left with after my last post. The subplot rabbit hole revealed a few ways to do this.  According to Jenn at Herded Words, there are three main ways to addContinue reading “Writing: Subplots, Pt. 2—How to Integrate Them”

Writing: Subplots—Where to Find Them

I think I’ve pretty well nailed down my main plot (at least for now, who knows what will happen when I actually start writing it). So now I am looking at subplots because I have heard that a story without subplots can feel rather shallow and one dimensional, and if I’m going to go toContinue reading “Writing: Subplots—Where to Find Them”

Writing: When to Consider Theme

Before I decided to write something myself, I had the naive idea that theme was a sort of by-product of writing. I guess this is because I had a rather naive view of writing and writers. I thought, you have an idea, and you sit down and start writing it. Afterwards you do some editing,Continue reading “Writing: When to Consider Theme”

Writing: Character—Which Comes First, The Arc or the Backstory?

In deciding to write a novel, I have taken on the monumental task of creating characters. Of course, when I first made this decision, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Whooo-Boy!  In previous posts I discussed creating personalities and senses of humor for characters, and that was hard enough, but itContinue reading “Writing: Character—Which Comes First, The Arc or the Backstory?”

Writing: Figuring Out Characters’ Emotions and Personality

My research into humor had definitely helped, but I still had some characters I couldn’t quite figure out. So I decided to move on and tackle my characters’ 3 Main Emotions (as per the Seventh Draft podcast). Boy was that a big mistake! If I thought that figuring out a character’s sense of humor wasContinue reading “Writing: Figuring Out Characters’ Emotions and Personality”

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