Kidnapped! in Pride and Prejudice Variations

One of the most fun and dramatic, if barely believable, tropes in Pride and Prejudice variations is the kidnapping. In these stories, the change in Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship is set in motion by one or the other, or both, of them being kidnapped—or, in the case of at least one story, one of themContinue reading “Kidnapped! in Pride and Prejudice Variations”

My Favorite Pride and Prejudice Variations

I’ve decided to add book reviews occasionally—today being the first occasion. I’m in a book group, so I do read a variety of things. But one of the genres I read just for myself is Jane Austen Fan Fiction (JAFF), specifically, Pride and Prejudice variations. When I first started reading them, I looked for recommendationsContinue reading “My Favorite Pride and Prejudice Variations”

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