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A Marriage of Convenience! In Pride and Prejudice Variations

The Unreformed Mr. Darcy by Mei Wei Lin Summary: Darcy’s Hunsford proposal gets interrupted so ends up not being so bad. Elizabeth ends up accepting because there’s a terrible guy wanting to marry Jane and she wants to protect her. Thus, Darcy doesn’t know Elizabeth doesn’t like him, nor why, so he’s unchanged for muchContinue reading “A Marriage of Convenience! In Pride and Prejudice Variations”

Jane Austen Adjacent Books That Lead Me to P&P Variations

I know Pride and Prejudice variations is a pretty niche genre, so I’m aware that doing reviews of these books isn’t going to be a hugely popular feature on my blog. However, when I first got into them, I looked for recommendations, and I had a hard time finding any. Of course, there are reviewsContinue reading “Jane Austen Adjacent Books That Lead Me to P&P Variations”

Am I the Right Book Reviewer for You?

A few weeks ago, I added my first book review post to this blog. It was a list of my favorite Pride and Prejudice variations. As I said in that post, I wanted to review P&P variations because when I was looking for where to start, I had a hard time finding any that weren’tContinue reading “Am I the Right Book Reviewer for You?”

My Favorite Pride and Prejudice Variations

I’ve decided to add book reviews occasionally—today being the first occasion. I’m in a book group, so I do read a variety of things. But one of the genres I read just for myself is Jane Austen Fan Fiction (JAFF), specifically, Pride and Prejudice variations. When I first started reading them, I looked for recommendationsContinue reading “My Favorite Pride and Prejudice Variations”