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Let Me Introduce Myself . . .

Hello, World! I’m Amanda Bennet, and I’m here to share what I learn as I fall down (my) life’s many rabbit holes—what I learn as I figure out how to write my first novel, how to choose paint colors when redecorating, how to reupholster a chair, and anywhere else my interests and needs take me. I invite you to come along. My plan is to describe my thinking process as I bounce around the internet looking for ideas, or wrap my brain around applying fabric to a curved shape. Along the way, I’ll share links to the sites, podcasts, and videos I found most helpful.

I am a stay-at-home mom, novelist (or soon to be!), upholsterer, painter (rooms and canvases), furniture refinisher, reader (maybe book reviewer?), and cat lover (dogs are nice, too!). I have taught Freshman Composition at a local community college off and on for 20 years, and I am a former reporter and free-lance journalist for our local newspaper (I wrote under a different name, then).  I live in a Victorian house built in the late 1800s which requires lots of love and attention (i.e. work), but which looks lovely in the spring when the wisteria bloom up and over the front porch.

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